Hockney, David

Sculpturous big chair

D a v i d H o c k n e y Henry Geldzahler and Hockney get the idea during a visit of the MOMA to create the only sculpture, which is often known from several paintings and the idea of the dream landscapes in his opera productions. Therefore Mr. Hockney involved Mr Keep to realize this production under his leading. He created the chair in an edition of 6, numbered and signed the chair on a brass label. A magazine article about his house in Malibu, published one of the chairs in front of his Steinway Big Chair 1989-94 Purpleheart wood with royal blue velvet Size: 47 x 40 x 27 inches (119 x 102 x 69 cm) executed by Chris Keep Signed numbered and dated

H: 119 cm

Chair at Hockney Home in front of Piano

David Hockney sculpture