Opening 19.30 on 24 May to 29 June 2019
Helmut Brade "Entwürfe"
Der Künstler ist anwesend. Es spricht Claudia Berg, Grußwort: Frau Dr. Judith Marquardt, Beigeordnete Kultur und Sport der Stadt Halle. Aus Liebe zu Rom, Paris und Halle entstand eine kleine Mappenedition von 9 Exemplaren mit Zeichnungen von Helmut Brade und Claudia Berg.

1. February, 7 p.m. until 29. March 2019
"Fernweh" by Claudia Berg
for more information visit the link below: or go to: "Booklets" > "Claudia Berg"

February 9th 2018 until May 2018
Helga Paris
80th birthday

2 Juni until end of August 2018
Antoni Tapies
works on paper, please visit the following image link Section : Newsletter of the gallery

29 Mai until 30 of June 2018
Antoni Tapies
Paperworks all descriptions and images:

January 22nd until March 6th 2010
Gio Ponti
Pair of armchairs, designed for the First Class Ballroom of the ‘Augustus’ transatlantic ocean liner, 1950 "parete attrezzata" project by Gio Ponti 1950 „first class ballroom of the Augustus“ project by Gio Ponti 1950 appartement Cremaschi project in Milano by Gio Ponti 1948

March 12th until May 8th 2010
David Hockney
Drawings by David Hockney Sculpturous big chair

May 14th until July 30th 2010
Venice Biennale, 1958 and Vetri Seguso
Collection of Maurizio Albarelli, director and owner of Seguso Vetri d‘Arte (1976-1992), presented in his house, Island of Sant Erasmo Venice.

September 3rd until October 9th 2010
Alexander Calder versus Serge Mouille
Paperworks by Calder communicates with motion and lighting

October 15th until December 18th 2010
Disappears the bulb? Do not hide thebulb!
by Bauhaus, Verner Panton, Masimo Pistilli accompanied by photographies from the collection of David Bailey

March 4th until April 23rd 2011
Angelo Mangiarotti
Stone and Bronze – sculptures

January 14th until February 26th 2011
Francesca Woodmannestate

April 29th until May 28th 2011
American idols Andy Warhol / Tom Wesselmann / Keith Haring
Canvas drawings

August 26th until September 30th 2011
Amelie von Wulffen
verso Richard Prince

June 3rd until July 30th 2011
Most wanted Italians

September 9th until October 29th 2011
Adolph Loos and Johannes Spalt

November 4th until December 23th 2011
Fontana Arte and pencil drawings by Mel Ramos

January 13th until March 2nd 2012
Paul Evans
Argente series, sculpted Bronze series, City scrape series

March 9th until April 28th 2012
Gregorio Vardanega – Vittorio Introini

May 4th until June 23rd 2012

June 29th until July 28th 2012
Peter Fischli und David Weiss
Manipulates the daily

August 3rd until September 29th 2012
Jean Prouvé / Charlotte Perriand
Metal and wood

October 5th until November 24th 2012
Jan Fisar

November 30th 2012 until February 2nd 2013
Maison Jansen / Tommaso Barbi / Michel Boyer

February 8th until March 30th 2013
Unique sculptures of Alfredo Barbini for a water feature
Accompanied by aquarelles by Sabine Steimer

April 5th until May 31st 2013
Susan Woods accompanies Dirk Farklas

July 5th until August 24th 2013
Ettore Sottsass verso Copper and brass by Bertoli

August 30th until September 28th 2013
Rut Bryk / Lorenzo Burchiellaro
Ceramic Aluminum Accompanied by sketches and woodcuts by Wayne Thiebaud

August 30th until September 28th 2013
Gabriella Crespi meets Poul Kjaerholm

October 4th until November 30th 2013
Christian Nowaczyk / Jacques Duval Brasseur
Kitschy no trash

December 6th 2013 until January 31st 2014
Georg Baselitz
Drawings and canvas from the 80s

February 7th until April 5th 2014
Anselm Reyle „Malen nach Zahlen“ / „Paint by Numbers“
Versus chrome plated works by Vittorio Introini Maria Pergay enriched by aquarelles by Martin Eder

April 11th until July 26th 2014
Aquarelles tenderness from the collection meets ceramics from the collection
Daniel Richter, Martin Eder, Vanessa Beecroft meets Valentina Schlegel, George Jouvé, Roger Capron, Denyse Gatard bought in the gallery Pierre Staudenmeyer

August 22nd until September 20th 2014
Guéridon examples of sculptures

September 26th until Novermber 1st 2014
Pierre Colut ceramics verso paintings of forest of Karol Rousin

December 5th until January 31st 2015
Pia Manu ceramic and Jules Dewael

February 6th until March 20th 2015
David Hockney sculptures and the drawings from the 70ies

April 10th until May 23rd 2015
Anton Henning Interior

May 28th until July 24th 2015
Zhang Huan
Luminous canvases featuring life-size, painstakingly hand-painted insects such as dragonflies, mosquitoes, cicadas and ants - is a celebration of life and nature in accordance with the Buddhist principle of treating all living things with equal respect.

September 4th until October 16th 2015
Rainer Fetting
collection of canvas about the taxi theme

October 23th until December 4th 2015
Gio Ponti, Oswaldo Borsani, Pierro Fornasetti, Carlo Mollino
lightnings and furniture

Dezember 11th 2015 until January 22nd 2016
Angelo Mangiarotti
bronze and furniture

January 29th until February 26th 2016
Gabriella Crespi
verso Maria Pergay

June 24th until August 12th 2016
Joachim Ramin

(from the 50ies until the 70ies) May 13th until June 17th 2016
Vetri Seguso
Unique glass objects

April 1st until May 6th 2016
Philip Taaffe
verso Marcel Dzama

Dezember 2nd 2016 until January 13th 2017
Hiroshi Sugimoto

January 20th until February 24th 2017
Claudia Berg

Mars 3rd until April 7th 2017
from Italy 40ies and 50ies

April 21st until 26th May 2017
from France 40ies and 50ies

June 9th until 21st July 2017
Eduard Deubzer
handmade unique lightnings

October 6th until 24th November 2017
Andy Warhol
dollar signs

August 25th until 29th September 2017
Marie Claude de Fouquieres

December 8th 2017 until 26th January 2018
Helmut Brade